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Zhongshan Zhi Heng Da metal products co., LTD
Address:City of zhongshan, with MAO industrial road (west) steel A treasure way 10 4 CARDS

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Company profile

Zhongshan wisdom hengda metal products co., LTD., founded in 2017? Is located in the world manufacturing base - zhongshan city, guangdong province. We are a professional engaged in research and development, manufacture stainless steel water trough, stretching the sink, stainless steel faucets, quartz, cistern, and other hardware products of enterprises, the company set up five years, we always adhere to the "people-oriented, scientific development, promote the noble comfortable kitchen culture, create healthy, high quality products as own duty, at the same time in the development of independent brands, in order to mee...【+more

Hardware productsFive core strengths
To provide you with high quality environmental protection water tank
A large metal products manufacturing plant
Company is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing stainless steel water trough, stretching, stainless steel faucets, quartz, sink, sink and other metal products.
products durable, perfect after-sales service, warranty period is long
Have advanced production equipment
The company has advanced production equipment and technology perfect. The reasonable structure design and beautiful modelling design.
hardware products with high quality performance, good quality, the factory attached inspection report and the quality and after-sale guarantee.
Direct marketing, no intermediate link
According to your different requirements, the application of the design of the product and the product properties, make the product for you, fast delivery.
High cost performance, cost savings compared to the 10% to 30%. Products meet quality standards, genuine materials, prevent aging, long service life.
Inventory is enough, quality manufacturing
Beginning in 2009, we put our focus in China's cabinet, sanitary ware, and real estate hardcover practice Industry, constantly improve product lines
We have to build and have a high quality service and higher Quality advantage, can provide customers with more comprehensive hutch defends hardware supporting services.
Perfect after-sales service system, let you worry!
Pre-sale free on-site measurement, design tank engineering plan, sale real-time reporting project progress. Warranty period internal cause product itself quality problem, the commitment to free repair or replacement. Let you No worries
Welcome customers to visit my unit to guide!
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To provide clients with water tank customization, production, sales and installation services